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Dinah Beaton was born in Zimbabwe in 1947. Her childhood was spent in this diverse and beautiful country.

She attended the Durban School of Art in South Africa and upon completion, returned to the country of her birth - where she has lived in a number of remarkable locations including Kariba, the Mazowe Valley and the picturesque Eastern Highlands.

Apart from painting numerous works for leading companies in the Commercial and Hospitality sectors, she has successfully exhibited in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. She is looking towards the USA for an exhibition in the future.

The empathy in her detail to the Zimbabwean landscape has made her work very popular amongst visitors to her country and has sold to those from Australia, USA, Germany, Holland and Italy.

As she mostly paints her working sketches from site, Dinah has travelled all over Zimbabwe to capture scenes from the Victoria Falls, Mana Pools, the great Zambezi River, Hwangi and Gonarezhou National Game Park and Chewori Safari Area amongst others.

Dinah has been invited to exhibit in Johannesburg, South Africa which she is currently working on as well as commissions received through a recent exhibition in Harare.

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